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Pixout Controller

Frequently answered questions

General questions

Yes, you can find our video on Vimeo here and here
Our software web based so, you can use it from any modern browser on windows, linux, macos and even on iOS devices (thru the special application). You can control Pixout controller from the web admin panel and make artnet recording inclusively
You can send email or add feature to our Trello board.

Technican questions

Yes, if your controller support Art-Net output. Pixout ArtNet recorder supports broadcast/unicast ArtNet recording from network.
Yes, Default configuration works with ArtNet
Sending ArtNet directly from the Pixout controller to the ws2812b strip by SPI protocol not available yet. Our device supports SPI interface and potentially could work with ws281x strips, but this feature not ready for production yet. Nevertheless you can use ArtNet to ws281x converters for this purpose.
Yes, Wireless included. Also, You can install PixoutRemote iOS application (for free) to control your lighting from your iPhone or iPad.
Because of:
  • Due to artnet data playing Pixout artnet recorder sends huge data flow over Ethernet port(RJ45) and could delay answers for http request from Admin/User panel. To prevent this situation we recommend to use admin/user panel from Wireless ( http://pixoutserver.local ) network.
  • When wireless connection will be established our server start receiving log information from your Pixout artnet recorder, and in case if any errors occurs we could figure out what’s really happens.
  • Automatically software upgrade on system startup possible only if wireless network with internet connection available
Yes, it's possible to record 6 artnet universes on Pixout controller device and then replay it for 6 artnet nodes. Also, you can split one monolithic 20 min record into smaller parts this will decrease total system load and Pixout controller will blend them automatically on the fly.
Unfortunately at the moment our device doesn't support Open Sound Control (OSC) commands, but you can control it with other interfaces:
  • Pixout REST API ( you can develop your own OSC to Pixout software adapter )
  • Web panel ( simple for User and advanced for Admins )
  • iOS application
You can control start/stop recording with method described above.Recording starting/stopping by user (or API) without any special art-net value detection. Some clients ask us to ignore totally black art-net frames, but at the moment we drop this functionality because it could ignore needed black frame and confuse user.
SPI is optional interface and used for clients which needs special functionality for some custom LED screens.
Our hardware support it, but currently Pixout artnet recorder software doesn't support this feature. We are planing to use DVI/HDMI in another product Pixout media server which will convert video effects to Art-Net.

Admin/User panel

Duration needed when you want to limit recorded effect by time. After duration time expired cuelist will start playing next effect ( if your cuelist consist more then one effect ). If you have effect with duration more then 60sec of length, you can specify big value (1000sec) and do not worry about this field. We are planning to remove or rework it in future because of many questions from user.
"Select" button works in conjunction with "Remove" button, you can select few cuelists/effects and then remove them.